Creatologists discover new routes to market in parallel universe.

Creative and technology experts at Connect specialising in quantum mechanics are claiming to have developed a groundbreaking formula that enables them to physically market their clients’ products and services in a parallel universe.

This fuels recent stories that physicists now believe there is evidence that parallel worlds not only exist, but also interact with each other.

Alan Turner, Senior Creatologist at Connect said: “Forget social media and on-demand viewing, this is the new frontier. Inconceivable though it may seem, we are currently executing client campaigns in a number of other worlds that run parallel to our own.

It has taken the team at Connect three years to develop the formula to meet the challenge of taking immersive connections between their clients’ brands and their customers to a whole new level.

But why promote something that appears to have no financial return on investment for their clients in our known universe? A spokesperson for a client who has confidentially partnered the scheme with Connect commented: “It’s a long-term investment in the future of our company. Whilst the theory of interaction between worlds is still speculative, it does explain various consequences inherent in quantum mechanics. We are pursuing this hypothesis to give our brand and our products an advantage over competitors in a world we can neither see nor comprehend.