Birmingham Airport.

Birmingham Airport was attracting less than 40% of the available demand for air travel, losing at least 34% to London based airports. Its potential however was huge. Major investment and a new runway extension attracted new international carriers. We were tasked with helping BHX to shake off its regional image, connecting more people to the world.

Bounce rate reduced by 35%

Page views up by 48%

Voted ‘Airport of the year’

The Purpose

Opening up Birmingham to the world.

Organising Idea

Hello World.


Storytelling focused around key audiences and touchpoints in the customer journey from new signage in Security to new retail campaigns in Departures. Kids were kept entertained through the introduction of the interactive ‘Sky Zone’ featuring Zoom while our creation of ‘Airport Gurus’ provided the corporate sales team with a real identity.

Brand World

We embraced the diversity of language, culture, people and the many inspiring places of our world with a simple hello. Birmingham Airport was now the gateway to the rest of our world. The brand’s values were developed to clearly cascade through to the entire customer experience. To get the 5000+ staff on-board, we went the extra mile, working with specialist people development consultants.

Systems and Platforms

Developing the new website and digital ecosystem was critical to the brand experience. We put the passenger at the centre of the design, creating a truly immersive experience, enabling them to plan, schedule, co-ordinate and dream about the journey ahead.



Website bounce rate was reduced by 35% with page views up by 48% and session durations increased by 36%. Even more impressive, BHX has been voted ‘Airport of the Year’ by the industry and has seen record customer satisfaction scores and passenger numbers.