Land Rover.

In 2013 Land Rover was enjoying runaway success with sales at record-breaking levels. Despite this, the website was considered out of date. It did not represent the brand’s premium quality and products, and was designed purely for a desktop user experience. We were tasked with developing a new fully responsive website.

41% increase in conversion
to dealer locator.

114% increase in vehicle

Two Webby Award
nominations 2015.

The Purpose

Ignite Action.

Organising Idea

Passionate Expertise.


We focused on the rich heritage around the brand and the evolution of these classic icons of motoring. Exclusive stories were shared from behind the badge, embracing passionate expertise, new technology, future vehicle launches and the people who not only make the cars but drive them. All while protecting the global brand integrity of the Land Rover DNA. 

Brand World

By tapping into Land Rover's unique and rich heritage, going on epic adventures and telling the stories behind each vehicle, the site has woven emotion and humanity into an immersive experience that users will want to visit again.

Systems and Platforms

We created an engaging user experience across a responsive framework meaning users could switch from mobile to tablet to desktop seamlessly. The site featured deep social integration, engaging content and video, full vehicle configurators and financial calculators adaptable to 26 global markets in 24 languages. Importantly, the site could also be quickly adapted and continues to be enhanced to this day.  


The website proved a hit with users and awards committees alike. Lead generation increased by 168% from 8,306 to 22,305 leads per month. Vehicle configurations increased by 114% from 94,000 to 201,419 and there was a 41% increase in conversion to the dealer locator. The website also won two nominations at the 2015 Webby Awards for Best Practices and for Best Visual Design Function.