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The UK fitness market is growing year on year with budget gyms leading the way. In this highly competitive market, brand loyalty is key: it is simply not enough to recruit new members; you also have to retain them.  

Brand objective

New members

Lapsed members

The purpose.

To help you achieve more than you imagined.

Organising idea.

Because it’s in you.


Real life stories of ordinary people were shared through X4L’s website, on social media and in the gym itself to highlight the benefits of membership. Insight provided us with a compelling truth: people go to a gym, not a gym brand. So we used geo-location technology to ensure every user was served with content that was relevant to them and their locality. 

Brand world. 

The thought of going to a gym can be intimidating, especially if you’re new to the whole experience. To overcome this barrier, we created an inclusive brand world centred on real people with real goals and body shapes. A place where everyone feels at home - welcomed and encouraged by staff and fellow exercisers alike. 

Systems and platforms.

We created a fully responsive, content managed website geared not only to drive new memberships, but also to encourage loyalty through repeat visits. Through User Experience (UX) design and journey analysis, we refined the user experience making it more emotive, guiding users through a series of micro-decisions that ensure their journey mirrors their own unique needs and wants. 

Xercise4less website build - Systems and Platforms


This intuitive approach has enabled us to reduce bounce rates, whilst increasing sessions and online conversions. The website has also helped to turn those who are motivated to improve fitness or lose weight into committed gym members. Since the launch of the website, the average time per session has increased along with online sign up and female membership.