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University of Warwick – ‘Let's keep the dialogue going'

With the launch of the 2018 National Student Survey (NSS), the University of Warwick enlisted the help of Connect to maximise the response rate of their final year students.

The University of Warwick is one of the leading universities in the UK, consistently featuring in the Top 10 of league tables and rapidly climbing the international rankings of world-class universities.

Connect have worked with the University of Warwick on several brand and tactical campaigns over the past year, including the development of a unique look and feel for each of their student communication pillars.


76% response rate from final year students

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Encourage a response rate to the NSS of 73% of final year students by 30th April 2018.


The assets for the NSS campaign not only needed to adhere to the university’s communication guidelines but also had to empower all University of Warwick departments to promote the NSS through campaign material and key messages.

So we decided the best way to achieve this was the development of a new communication theme of “Let’s keep the dialogue going.”


The University of Warwick challenged Connect to develop a series of touchpoints that supported their objectives. The key objective was to encourage students to engage with feedback opportunities in line with the ‘dialogue’ communication pillar and in support of the overall education strategy.

We decided that all assets should focus on the headline ‘Let’s keep the dialogue going’ – an impactful message designed to encourage two-way communication. This key message would then be supplemented by arresting, appealing and relevant photographic imagery. 

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The campaign was supported by a number of promotional materials that ranged from lamppost banners to posters, leaflets to digital displays and signage.


The University of Warwick achieved their minimum target response rate one week ahead of schedule, with over 76% of final year students completing the survey.