Reach millions, without spending millions.

When our client Dry Like Me came to us with a brief to dramatically increase awareness of their potty training pads, as quickly and cost effectively as possible, we naturally told them they should be on TV and the results were outstanding. 

TV is still a highly effective way to increase sales.

Even though we've seen a significant rise in digital channels and their effectiveness, TV's advertising effectiveness has remained consistent. In fact TV can achieve four times the sales lift of digital advertising (MarketShare) and including TV advertising in a campaign increases its efficiency six fold (Thinkbox).  But there is no doubt that TV's effectiveness can be further improved through an immersive marketing campaign including high-frequency consumer interactions like website visits, digital and social media marketing. 

TV can reach your audience when they are most receptive. 

Products in the baby and child sector have 2 audiences: parents and children, and which parent hasn't spent hours watching kid's TV with their child? And which parent doesn't remember the theme song of their child's favourite program? By targeting channels and programmes that parents watch with their children or have on in the background, you can cost effectively speak to your target audience when they are likely to be the most engaged with your product. This media approach means TV can be affordable for even small marketing budgets. 

Creativity and emotion are key to making a lasting connection.

With a great creative concept and an emotional connection with the audience, this average can be increased even further. TV is the best medium in which to create an emotional connection, something that we know is vital to sales in the baby and toddler market. Creative campaigns are 12 times more efficient at increasing a brand's market share than non-creative campaigns. And emotionally engaging ads are almost twice as effective at generating profit as rational or informative ads. 

Just take a closer look at our work with Dry LIke Me. By creating an emotionally engaging and humorous advert, we managed to increase retail sales for the brand by 150%.