Monthly brand mashup #9 October.

Welcome to Connect's Brand Mashup. To help you stay up to date, each month we bring you a monthly roundup of the latest brand news, insight and the trends in the world of marketing. Whether it's a look at popular brand campaigns or just a brief review of what is going on in each industry, here's a look back at what we think you need to know from the month of October 2015:

The power of the brand

October saw some great research with surmised how important investment in a brand is.

As an industry we have long been telling clients that a strong brand over spending money on media is key, but finally there are some really strong facts to prove it.

Millward Brown’s BrandZ has taken 10 years of valuation data from the world’s top 100 brands and shown that brands perceived by consumers to have strong advertising, but weaker branding, grew in value by just 27 per cent over the decade. In stark contrast, brands that are perceived to have strong advertising and strong branding, grew by a staggering 168 per cent. That is a remarkable difference and evidence of the power and value that great branding brings.

These findings should help persuade marketers that investment in branding is absolutely crucial in driving business growth.

We were also told which brands have the highest brand purpose. Purpose can be defined through a brand slogan, a commitment to sustainable living or schemes and projects that give back to local communities, but companies that come out on top do more than communicate purpose they also see a benefit to their financial results and other key performance indicators (KPIs). 

Unilever took the number one spot in the ranking for its corporate goal to ‘make sustainable living commonplace’, which is evident in projects such as Foundry Ideas, a global crowdsourcing platform that looks to solve sustainability issues in the areas of sanitation, hygiene, and nutrition. 

Other companies in the top 10 included Philips, whose goal is to change 3bn lives for the better by 2025 through creating products that directly support health care or wellbeing and lowering their ecological impact. 

Brands leading the way in the Financial Sector include, Lloyds Banking Group, whose “Helping Britain Prosper” brand promise aims to enhance Britain’s economic and social wellbeing. An example of one of their metrics is the ‘increased amount of new funding support provided to UK manufacturing businesses per year’. They have achieved their 2014 target for this, setting a 2015 target of £1 billion alongside a 2017 target of £4 billion.

Back to the future II

Well it would be rude not to mention Back to the Future 2. The film contained a huge number of product placements. Hill Valley was awash with products from such brands as Pepsi, Nike, Mattel, Pizza Hut, Black & Decker, The Weather Channel, Texaco, 7-Eleven, AT&T, and others. And brands took advantage of the 21st of October, the day the future became the past!

Some great examples came from Pepsi, promoting Pepsi Perfect, Universal Studio’s trailer for Jaws 19 and even David Cameron got in on the act in PMQT. There were also some more serious messages utilising the ‘hype’, like the one below from Save the Children.

But we have to say Toyota managed to come out on top, with their video featuring Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd. They used the day to really amplify the scientific excellence of their product. Whereas other brands like the Pepsi and Universal Studio examples just used it as an awareness drive, Toyota really managed to get across a message.


Becoming the medium of choice for a number of teaser campaigns, October saw Snapchat host Burberry and Spectre campaigns as they looked to engage with their millennial target audience.

As famed photographer Mario Testino shot the Burberry campaign, the fashion house shared images and videos exclusively with its burgeoning fan base on the platform. This campaign looked great and showed the interaction you can achieve with snapchat while creating a sense of urgency and exclusivity.

Bond also got in on the act. On Monday 26th October, Sony Pictures Entertainment released an exclusive behind-the-scenes movie to generate buzz for the newly released Spectre. As well as photos and a behind-the-scenes looks at the making of the movie, Snapchat offered Spectre specific overlays enabling users to alter their appearance in the style of the movie.

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