We've got all the right chemistry with

When Connect was asked to pitch for the relaunch of the recruitment website we decided to throw out the rule book and start again! 

Connect saw the potential for this to be so much more than a website redesign and build project. We wanted to help revolutionise the industry. So we started at the beginning and decided to look at what the real issue was in recruitment and therefore the best way to solve it. 

We discovered that 89% of new hire fails are down to attitudinal reasons with just 11% being attributed to a lack of skill on the candidates’ part. 83% of new companies that fail are due to a breakdown in business relationships between the owners.

In addition, the job market was changing as the future thought leaders (graduates of today) were beginning to see their “personal brand” as the key weapon in finding a new job. From personal blogs to twitter lists, graduates were using a number of social tools to make themselves seem more desirable to recruiters. 

So we decided that was going to be a social network for jobs based around the idea of chemistry. 

The site matches people to jobs on personality as well as qualifications. Chemistry matching algorithms which comprise of many areas such as personality, salary expectations and qualifications, push jobs and content. The site also facilitates social engagement between candidates and recruiters to connect with each other and build relationships. 

A social recruitment site based around the idea of chemistry is ground-breaking. 

Because when you all have similar skills and qualifications, chemistry is what sets one candidate apart from the rest. So to get the most out of your career, you have to really click with who you are working for and with. is now available for sign-up here