Is Twitter dying? José Espinosa talks with Forbes about social media.

This week, we're excited to see an insightful article featuring Connect in Forbes Online. In it, Connect's very own Partner, José Espinosa, was asked to share his thoughts on the life expectancy of Twitter, given that the platform remains unprofitable and its monetary value unconventional.

The article, written by Andrew Cave, poses the question "Will Twitter still be around for Super Bowl LII in 2018?' and José gives what some might call a controversial answer.

"I'm a firm believer that Twitter will be dead within three years. Being part of a digital agency, I understand both how Twitter is trying to monetise itself and how people are trying to monetise Twitter as a service for their clients. I don't see lasting value in either."

He goes on to discuss how Twitter users are now using the platform as more of a microblogging website to make broadcasts rather than to engage with other users. "To be in a social network you fundamentally have to have people that socialise. But because Twitter is a broadcaster now, nobody is shouting back. Nobody is conversing. So it ceases to become a social network."

Naturally, we couldn't agree more. Twitter's slowing growth rate is nothing to ignore and it certainly poses many questions about how, or whether brands should, use the platform to engage with their fans.

It's well worth reading the whole article should you get the chance, even if we do say so ourselves, and getting involved in the conversation. 

What do you think? Will Twitter be dead in three years?