Little Miss Smarty Pants debuts with first TV spot for Dry Like Me.

Monday 15th April saw the debut of our TV advert for the creators of children's potty training pads, Dry Like Me.

Tasked to take the brand into the television space, we were excited at the prospect of creating a fresh and engaging ad that would raise awareness of the revolutionary product amongst parents. 

The proposition was, 'Help your child through potty training with Dry Like Me' and the creative solution was a film, which captured a bright, likeable five-year-old girl educating a class full of two year old's on the benefits of using the training pads. This was based on the insight that little kids really want to be big kids and want to copy those slightly older than them. By getting the casting right this ensured the ad was liked and shared.

The casting of ‘Little Miss Smarty Pants’ was key, Olivia was perfect as she has aspirations to be a teacher and took a natural, informative role to the front of the class. 

Potty training is one of the most anxious experiences for parents. In the market the main product available to parents for this transition stage are Pull-Ups. But research shows they are not as effective as they don’t let the child know when to go. 

Dry Like Me potty training pads are the smarter way to Potty Train – proven to help children through this difficult stage. Independent tests show they reduce accidents in 43% of children in the first week. 

Some well-known Nappy companies have introduced Potty Training Pants/Pull-ups to help kids through this difficult process – the problem with these products though is that they make it too easy for a child to continue with a pattern of behaviour. This ultimately prolongs the potty training process, keeps the child in training pants/pull-ups for longer. (and some might say, helps sell more pull-ups!)

Hence the main challenge in the creative element of this campaign was to educate parents that there is a smarter way to potty train. 

Invented by mums Jude and Diane, Dry Like Me potty training pads are a revolutionary new solution to an age-old problem – how to get your kids out of nappies and into grown-up kids pants as quickly and easily as possible.


They work by turning a normal pair of kid’s pants into training pants.  In doing so, the child is getting used to the idea of wearing big kids pants, whilst mum has the reassurance that if a little accident should occur it’s going to be easier to clean up.  It’s also great for kids, because unlike pull-ups, training pads offer just the right level of absorbency to allow the child to know that they’ve actually had an accident in the first place.  

Our media strategy focussed on targeting mums and dads through kid’s channels such as Nickelodeon and The Disney Channel.  This was based on the learning that parents often listen to kid’s programmes while doing other things around the house while their kids are watching the TV. This meant that the ad had to work from a simply audio point of view and was engaging enough to make the parents stop and look.

What were the results?

Much to the delight of both Connect and Dry Like Me, the four week campaign achieved extremely successful results, with both a 150% increase of sales at retail outlets and 250% uplift through Amazon. 

In addition to increases in sales, the Dry Like Me website saw a 1500% increase in traffic as well as over 1000 views of the advert on social media within the first 24 hours of the campaign. 

Speaking of the work, Jude Hough, director of Dry Like Me said; "We are very excited to be launching our first television advert, so it was important to make sure we involved the right agency. Connect really understood our needs from the word go, even though we are something of a new genre for them. We had the service we would have expected from a big London agency, but with a small agency feel. 

The work has exceeded our expectations, making us stand out against our competitors as well as taking us to the next level." 

The 30 second spot created by Dennis Willison and Vineet Raheja, and directed by Karen Cunningham of Pop Up Films, achieved industry recognition at this year's Fresh Awards from which the ad took home two Silver Awards for 'Proving Marketing Effectiveness' and 'TV or Cinema Commercial'. 

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