Bentley Motors global website launch.

Connect has worked with Bentley Motors for over 10 years. From the first Continental GT reveal in 2003, we have accompanied Bentley on a global journey with work encompassing everything from product launches, brand strategy, photography, advertising, dealer engagement programmes, customer books, films and websites.

We won the pitch to design and communicate the new Bentley Motors digital experience in 2010. We worked with Bentley's development agency Provison based in Berlin to deliver the new global site which launched 1st October 2014.

The project began with the research and discovery phase, where we reviewed the current digital landscape and how users accessed digital content from the current site. We used this as a basis to build a brand new digital vision for Bentley.

Our digital content strategy fed into the brand strategy and provided an understanding of key market growth and awareness on how to reach HNWIs in markets such as China and the US. Our brief was to transport and immerse users into the world of Bentley by bringing the printed customer books to life online, with the use of large images of impactful and inspirational photography. We created the user journey, wire frames and site map designing a fully responsive website to work on every device.

The user experience takes some unique mechanisms that encourage the user to discover, through exploration, the slide and glide of the hero area in the Models side of the site. This area has a high level focus and encourages users to drill down for more detail through exploration; the pins on the World of Bentley that are designed to allow users to discover content through the cross-pollination of content categories and which focus on the rich imagery of the Bentley lifestyle.

The clean canvas, Bentley typography, the use of the Bentley knurling and character line were all fine-tuned to work together to minimise the header space and to allow the product to shine through, to give a beautiful, luxury experience.

We captured and documented our vision to make a site that was visually stunning and intuitive both for users browsing the site and for Bentley Motors' personnel who will manage the site through the Adobe CQ content management system, and worked with the development agency to bring this vision to life.

Early prototyping of the site was a critical stage in the project, allowing us to test the vision and ensure the user was always at the forefront of our minds. Released to Psyma to test, we received great feedback including comments that the site was 'Beautiful', 'Nice and clear suits Bentley Motors', 'Site looks really good on mobile devices'. Our user testing helped us to ensure that the site provided a luxurious user experience that was fit for the Bentley brand.

Our digital style guides have been used across various other digital platforms including the Bentley Motors fragrance, hand bag and Bentley Continental microsites. Our digital strategy has contributed towards repositioning the brand as a true luxury marque, delivering a digital experience worthy of such a premium brand.