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Thou shalt not fear difficulty

It has been speculated that we, as humans, “excuse our sloth under the pretext of difficulty”. A bit of an odd and slightly convoluted phrase to say the least but one that has resonated with me. Difficulty is dreaded and often downright avoided in the fear of failure. But failure is inevitable and an integral part of learning. Difficulty is a path to grow and should not be avoided like the plague. Difficulty is one of the only constants in life.

Speaking from my own perspective, I am now a year out of university. I could easily get up, go to work, go home, and dabble with a bit of exercise to avoid ‘difficulty’. But I don’t.

I’m a keen podcast listener and utilise them within my hour-long commute to work. Rather than allowing the time in the car to float by aimlessly I use this time to learn. I’ve taken one of life’s difficulties, ‘commuting’, and confronted it and made it useful.

Working in an agency brings about a relative dose of difficulty because of the sheer variety and complexity of projects and clients. Would I change this? No. Difficulty should not be tarnished with negativity. It is important and should be embraced.

Just like success, difficulty is a vehicle that can help us learn and grow. I’m going to continue to pursue “difficult” activities whether this be pursuing a project outside my usual job role at work, bouldering, learning a new language or taking a 27-year-old campervan with no power steering abroad. I’m not sure if it’s just me, but the difficult situations seem to be the most memorable and impactful.

So, my one task to you is to select one thing— this could be anything at all. You may dislike doing it and it could even make you feel apprehensive. The aim is to embrace that ‘difficulty’ and rise to the challenge—to arrive at a new understanding about yourself and the world around you.

Comfort rarely, if ever, leads to growth. Instead, the drive of growth is conscious discomfort. 

So, long live “difficulty”. Plus, as Albert Einstein famously said: ‘In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity’. Who can argue with Einstein?!

Sophie Beckley, Planner

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