Maximising interest in MAB’s new mortgage advertising campaign

For the first time ever – and to reach more prospective customers than ever – Mortgage Advice Bureau briefed us to develop a TV campaign targeting remortgage audiences, through Sky’s AdSmart system.

The technology targets ads to individual households based on viewing behaviour or lookalike audiences, reducing wastage and increasing ROI. Media was focussed in three areas – the North East, South West and along the M4 corridor.

The strategy was to target current homeowners aged 25-55 whose deals were coming to an end with our ‘Why pay more than you need to?’ proposition.

The media strategy was sorted, now for the creative idea.

Following a series of brainstorming sessions with the team at MAB, we developed several scripts. All had to resonate with our target audience, be true to life, believable and, in a financial world not noted for humour, bring a smile to the face.

Charlie and Winnie were born. A cute double-act full of character and charm. In a challenge to the age-old warning never to work with children or animals, we chose both. A mischievous four-year-old boy (Charlie) would be paired with a wise dog (Winnie).   

The idea was to show the peril of taking your eye off your mortgage. Just like taking your eyes of your child, it can cost you.

The film showed Charlie posting banknotes through the letterbox and dropping coins into a bin. Shadowed at all times by loyal family dog Winnie, sensing wrongdoing but utterly powerless to prevent it.

The shoot itself was all captured in just one day, with all 30 members of crew and cast squeezing into a typical 3-bedroom home in Stockport.

Two children were chosen to play Charlie, helping to maximise their shooting time. While the loveable Winnie was already a star of TV and film. Thankfully there were no prima donnas on set, and the only riders needed were tubs of play-dough and cuts of sausage.

So that was a wrap. Everyone was delighted with the result. A captivating advert that resonated with the target audience and landed a very important message – Why pay more than you need to?

The 30 second advert was created by Alan Turner and Alan Salisbury from Connect, directed by Sean Lyons of Equinox and shot by Dan Lightening.

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