How we develop
richer, more immersive connections.


Immersive Connections

Always On

Advertising has changed. Technology has created an always-on world meaning consumers are now more switched-on than ever. Which is why it’s so important that your brand is too. At Connect, we combine creativity with technology to develop richer, more immersive connections. We call it the power of creatology.


Creatology is our unique approach of combining data, insight and creativity with technology in order to create immersive connections with the always-on consumer. Connections that are transmedia. That enable brands to tell stories and create richer experiences. And that help you build longer lasting and more profitable relationships with your customers.

The brand ecosystem.

The brand ecosystem creates an environment where immersive connections can be made at every touchpoint, both online and offline. So how does it work? Each ecosystem is made up of five components. We start with a clear vision called the Purpose. Next comes the Organising Idea, the thought that brings the vision to life. Stories are the content that drive the dialogue. The Brand World is the distinctive framework it all sits in. While the Systems, Platforms and Tools are the technology that turns consumer engagement into richer experiences. 

From the thinking to the doing.

Through data, insight, creativity and technology we provide services to optimise the customer journey from awareness to engagement.


Data analysis and research feed our campaign planning and are fundamental to our understanding of customer behaviour, providing more accurate targeting at every touchpoint of the ecosystem. 


Insight forms the foundation of our brand, marketing, digital and social strategies helping us to forge customer relationships. Enabling us to give our clients a competitive advantage in a very competitive marketplace. 


Brand strategy helps us shape award-winning creative, visualizing brand stories for the multi-channel world. From advertising, brochures, photography and packaging to social media, digital communications and TV.


Digitally, our web development team are skilled in building responsive websites and apps. User centric design is a key philosophy to ensure the platforms we build create immersive connections.

Defining the optimum client solution.

To help you solve today’s systems and communications challenges our Business Analysts define what the business issue is that we’re trying to solve. Our Planners then outline what the consumer thinks, feels and wants, whilst our Technologists investigate how we can best use technology to engage them. Our Creative teams define the organising idea, stories and brand world, working with UX Designers to create the most effective user experience. Our Content Strategists define how we can bring the stories to life to lengthen engagement and grow conversion and our Data Strategists analyse the outcomes to maximize effectiveness, ensuring we reach the optimum client solution.